• What is BookmarksDB?
  • It is a free personal online favorites database for people who like to store internet links online for personal, work or any purposes.

  • How BookmarksDB benefits you?
  • Improve productivity as less navigation is needed to go to the link if you have multiple device like PDAs, Mobilephones, Laptop or Computers.
  • Save time as less navigation is need to go to the direct link if you have signed in and set as the default homepage.
  • More privacy on links if your links are for private and personal use.
  • Share more as you can share the links by making the folder or links public and letting your friends or colleagues by email to view your public links.
  • Improve on work productivity as Sharing of links with your colleagues makes work go faster and efficient.

  • Features of BookmarksDB
  • Able to add internet links with any device which can access to the internet for browsing.
  • Folders can be created for links to be added into.
  • Links or folders can be made public for sharing if any user from the internet need to view.
  • The number of links and folders can be created unlimited by the user.
  • It's free. Easy to use. View this demonstration on how to use

  • User Feedbacks on BookmarksDB
  • Johnny : It helps me to link to webpage faster than before, I do not need to type again.It is so easy. Thanks BookmarksDB.
  • Sam : It lets me store links easily and it is unlimited, I do not fear of my PC/notebook crash as the links are stored online.
  • Cherlyn : My workplace intranet contains numerous links which needs to be navigated further to view, now it's direct and faster, let me have the time to go for a cuppa in the pantry.
  • Sarah : I share my links easily through a link to my friends easily. It is neat and easy to view by viewers.

  • About BookmarksDB
  • BookmarksDB is using XUS(Xeesa Utility System) which is designed by Xeesa Services to help internet users to manage their links well. It helps to bridge users and the internet pages better and faster. It is created on 1st December 2009 for public usage.
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